Spook Off……

Halloween. Love it or hate it Halloween is most definitely a ‘thing’ and with two small children, there is no avoiding it. I do actually enjoy it and see no real harm in dressing up our little ones, carving out pumpkins (turnips actually, when I was a lass!) and eating lots of sweets. 

There are however a couple of things about Halloween that make me a teensy bit uncomfortable – one being Trick or Treating.  My daughter is a ‘why’ child. She questions abso-f*cking-lutely everything, mostly things I can’t answer. So with regard to Trick or Treating:  why is it suddenly ok for her to knock on strangers doors?   Ermmmmmm, dunno?  Why is it ok for her to accept sweets from strangers? Ummmm.  Errr?   Why is it ok for her to wear no bloody coat in October in her funny little costume?  It’s not??!!  Why is essentially begging strangers for sweets ok? It’s kind of not?!?!

It makes me cringe. Thankfully I think mine are still too little and she also has a prior engagement so I’ve got another year at least to think of my answers to the above (i.e. google them).

Moving onto my second bugbear – the outfits. There are some really, really cute pumpkins, ghosts and spiders for the small ones then the options become a bit weird. I find the plethora of witchy outfits borderline ‘slutty’ for little girls. What happened to the warty, green Grotbags proper style witch of my childhood?  Why are they glitzy and sexy these days? I do not like this one little bit.

And my final gripe is when older children who look really bloody scary are trick or treating. I don’t mind cooing at a cute 6 year old pumpkin or faux-hiding from an 8 year old skeleton but an 11 year old high on Haribo in a full on ‘Scream’ costume, wielding a fake dagger banging on my door – absolutely fucking terrifying! For me AND my kids.

In all honestly I don’t mind Halloween. But I definitely preferred it in my twenties where it was just another excuse to go out and get leathered.  Maybe a carafe of wine should be offered alongside the bucket of sugary treats?!?  Let’s make THAT a thing!  



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