Kiss and Make-Up

Make-up. It seems to be a bone of contention in Mummy circles. Especially when doing nursery/school runs or attending baby groups. You either do wear it or you don’t. And while nobody particularly cares if you’re of the au-natural ‘don’t’ camp it seems that the ‘do’ crowd can ruffle some feathers & aggravate their au-natural sister’s from another mister.

Personally, I’m of the ‘do’ camp and I wear make-up all the time. I always have done and I always will do. Even in the house with a brand new baby I barely showered or dressed and I spent most of my days crying with one of my breasts hanging out BUT I still always washed my chops and slapped on a little slap because that’s just what I do. (Time wise a brief cover up can take me less than 60 seconds). I’ve worn make up every single day since I was a teenager albeit my application skills (& taste) have moved on from then (Spice girls glitter eye’s & a fake mole were some of my specialities) and to me it’s just part of my life.   If it’s not part of yours then I whole heartedly understand and quite frankly, don’t care (in the nicest possible way).

The reason I wear make-up every day is :   Absolutely not because my children sleep 12 hours a night. Or because my routine is better than anyone else’s. Or because I am more organised. Or because my kids are angels. Or because I’m a better Mum.  Or because I’m trying to impress someone. Or because I want to make anyone feel bad.  Or because I’m insecure.  None of the above.

It is quite simply because to me it is as normal as cleaning my teeth, or having a poo. I do it every day without thought or consideration (And if I’m being totally honest, I feel like I’m missing a limb without it).  And in the words of Topsy and Tim’s simpering Mum ‘that is that’!



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