10 Revolting things that are now acceptable to me…..

Becoming a Mum has seen me change from a silly little girl who was scared of everything into a double ‘ard b*stard who can do ANYTHING.

Here is a small selection of just ’10 revolting things’ that would’ve made me physically sick before having children, yet are totally sometimes acceptable now:

1. The consumption of disgusting & unknown foodstuffs from the floor/sofa/baby
2. Mr Tumble (although he still does make me sick in my mouth sometimes)
3. Accepting (& reciprocating) kisses from children with candles of snot running from their noses
4. That I would actually like the smell of my own babies widdle-filled nappy.
5. Wiping a toddlers arse.  Not for the faint hearted.
6. Having a constantly ungroomed lady-garden
7. Tasting breastmilk
8. The thought of not ever sleeping for longer than a few hours in a row. All. The. Fucking. Time.
9. Wobbly teeth (this hasn’t happened yet. It makes my stomach hurt thinking about it.)
10. Actually pissing myself & it being so acceptable to me that I post it on the Internet




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