‘Art & Soul….

Yesterday I received a ‘collage’ from my daughter when I collected her from nursery. It was a piece of string stuck onto a piece of pink paper and she had trimmed the edges of the paper for a frayed effect. The whole thing was thick of dried glue and there wasn’t a pencil/crayon/paint mark anywhere to be seen.  It was a little odd and not very attractive but I put on my very best smile and told her it was wonderful and that I’m a very lucky Mummy to receive such a beautiful ‘collage’.
So today I received another ‘collage’. Almost identical but instead of string she had affixed a bottle top (in fact I’m absolutely fucking sure it’s from a bottle of Jacobs Creek, a bit inappropriate for a teacher to provide wine bottle tops for the kids to play with perhaps??!!).   Again, best smile and I thanked her for it.  Now I am far from the type of Mum who thinks their child is a genius / soooooo advanced and I’m definitely not from the ‘everyones a winner at Sports Days’ brigade (bleugh) however I think a) she’s exploring her creativity and enjoying her little self and (more to the point) b) she’s not allowed to fanny about with glue, scissors or wine bottle tops in my house.   So as far as I’m concerned – keep on bringing the monstrosities home my little love!  Perhaps she’ll get bored of glue and scissors and actually start making me some pretty pictures or perhaps she’s going to be the next generation Tracey Emin and in a few years time she’ll be dragging home roadkill and nuclear waste for her ‘masterpieces’ and I’ll be wishing back the days of the glue/string/wine bottle tops/
I could always nip it in the bud & tell her they’re absolutely shite????
(Abso-fucking-lutely NOT!)



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