I’m not scared……

I am far from a perfect parent but there are certain elements of child rearing that are important to me. Manners. Consistency. Routine. Affection. To name just a few.
I kiss and cuddle both of my babies all day long and we say ‘I love you’ countless times. It’s not just reserved for bed time.
We are not inflexible (well maybe a teeny bit) but we do adhere to a routine.  It works for us and is important to us all.
And I do all I can to teach my children to have manners.  Not fun with a stroppy little shit threenager.
Then when it comes to behaviour I try to be consistent. This is what I have current beef with:
Sometimes always my three year old misbehaves in public. I still wish to deal with her as I would at home. This means I’m not scared of getting down to her level and using my ‘firm’ voice (Thank you Supernanny). This is not a shout, but it is louder than my normal voice. But without it, I’m just talking to her normally? (And if I could reason with her ‘normally’ I wouldn’t be on my fucking knees in Sainsbury’s explaining why the hurling of a bag of donuts is unacceptable).
Whilst this may make some people uncomfortable I would hope that they realise I’m doing it to be consistent, not cruel.
Mothers of babies may stare because they wouldn’t dream of talking to their precious offspring in anything other than their nice voice (just wait a year or two love, you’ll see) and grandmothers actually see fit to stop and try to ‘lighten’ the mood by intervening which is just plain fucking rude!
It’s everyone’s choice how to discipline their three year old and I believe I wouldn’t be doing her justice if I were more lenient or used different techniques in public.  I don’t judge you when you ignore your child who is behaving like a twat in the aisles so please don’t judge me. We’re OK. We love each other and we have a laugh. Most of the time.
And just for the record, she doesn’t listen, always runs away and screams at the top of her lungs and continues to hurl jammy donuts at every bastard opportunity. But at least I try.



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