The things we (I) say when asked about our (my) darling children and what we (I) *really* mean:

The things we (I) say when asked about our (my) darling children and what we (I) *really* mean:

He/she is a livewire / full of beans (hyperactive, irritating dick-bag)
He/she has got SUCH a personality (cheeky little bastard)
Such a chatterbox (noisy little douche)
So advanced (smart arse)
Such a good baby (docile little lump needs to start doing some tricks, pronto)
He/she is Spirited (he/she is a massive bell-end)
He/she never stops (I really wish he/she would. I’m fucking knackered)
He/she is into everything (he/she rammed stickle bricks into the new Blu-Ray player last week. C*nt.)

2 thoughts on “The things we (I) say when asked about our (my) darling children and what we (I) *really* mean:

  1. Hi, I really enjoyed reading your post. I am also a single mum. I left my fiancée in Feb and am much happier for it. But it is hard, damn hard. My parents are amazing – they help me out a lot, and my sons dad does have our one year old 2 nights a week. To be honest it would be easier for me if my ex were not around (I dream of him emigrating to Australia or something) because he hates me because I left him and is seeking to punish me…using our son as a weapon. I work full time and know exactly what I am doing, what I have to do, every minute of the day, and to be honest much of the night to keep things going ( washing, shopping, cleaning, working, transport to nursery, cooking etc etc). It is good though, and actually I wouldn’t change anything for the world (except my ex emigrating of course). Life wouldn’t be life unless it were a challenge. You can see my blog at


    1. Pen, I’ve looked at your blog and your honesty and courage are truly admirable.
      It is absolutely the hardest thing in the world being a single Mum. A million times harder than you can even explain to anyone. I really hope relations between your ex and you improve over time. He will hopefully realise why you did what you did and when you both meet the loves of your life, he might just thank you.
      Loving digging about in your very honest, Frank blog.


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