Thou shalt not eat toast crusts…..

Every day I vow today will be the day I eat 3 healthy, nutritious meals – Clean Eating all the way. Today I will NOT eat the children’s disgusting leftovers or bits of unidentified food stuffs from the floor. Today I will NOT replace meals with cake / packets of biscuits / entire share bags of Maoams.

Every day, 7.05am: Oh fuck. Just accidentally eaten toast crusts (white as well, double bad) and a few rice crispies stuck to the baby’s pyjamas. I can pull this back – I’ll just have a banana (half a pack of Maoams) for breakfast, a green smoothie (leftover cheese sandwich, half a pack of Maoams) for lunch & salad (cold, soggy fish fingers and already chewed apple from the highchair) for tea.
Fuck it, tomorrow. Definitely, DEFINITELY tomorrow.

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