Emoji boob face….

So today I went to my Mums & decided to go for a run while she watched the kids (I will do pretty much anything for an hour away from my children including running in the cold & wet).
A blissful 59 minutes, 53 seconds later I returned and caught sight of my reflection in the mirror.
A combination of breastmilk & sweat had left an emoji face on my torso.
Winning at life…..



Me: Summer, would you like to go to the beach for a walk?
Summer: no, the park. The park. THE PARK. THE PARK.
Ok. Yep. Got it kiddo. Park it is & jolly good fun was had by all (well, by her anyway)
We arrive home from the park.
Summer: BUT (sob). I (sob). WANT (sob). TO (sob). GO (sob). TO (sob). THE (sob). BEEEEEEEAAAAACCCCCHHHHH (wail). NOW (wail).

And so I’ve finally done it…

This is my blog, The Unexpected Single Mum. It’s not really about being single. And it’s only a little bit about being a Single Mum. It’s mainly about being a Mum and sharing those moments of sheer hilarity/frustration/horror through a bit of light-hearted complaining, lots of sarcasm and a variety of expletives. (Mainly directed at my wonderful children).
But I can confirm no children were harmed in the making of this blog.